Nightshade (nightshade_oak) wrote in add_me_pagan,


Hi!! :D  This is a really good idea!

I've been a Pagan for eight years. I'm a polytheist, and my faith is influenced by Neo-Wicca and Heathenry mostly. I'm starting to really... "jump-start" my faith, I guess. In aid of this a friend of mine from Gaia Online and I have created an Order for other polytheists to help ourselves with our study and so on. (There's a link in my userinfo if you're interested in more info.)

Hmm, what else... I live in New Zealand. I love history and literature.

I'm a witch and I read the tarot, which I rather enjoy now I've got the hang of it. I'm learning the Runes, which are far more in-depth than I'd imagined. I practice shamanic journeying ("walking the hedge") but I'm certainly no shaman. I'd like to learn galdr. I'm interested in recon religions :)
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