Mittsie (lisaj0y) wrote in add_me_pagan,

newbie :)

hai everyone! quick intro ... 'cause you can get to know me more on my el-jay or my official blog.

i'm lis, more known as "mittsie", 27 & i live an hour south of Toronto. i'm a shakta witch (ie, i blend the Hindu denomination of Shaktism along with Paganism) & i am drawn to everything goddess-y. even if they aren't from the Hindu pantheon!

i'm back on el-jay after a few years hiatus - but i don't remember my former username. i may remember if my brain decides to fully function for more than a few minutes! *gigglesnort* i just want to make all kinds of pagan lj friends & gain some snail mail penpals too!

so yeah - add me!
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