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Add Me Community for Pagans.'s Journal
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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009
8:15 pm
Does Your Path Help You In Times Of Stress?
Do you find your Spiritual Path helps you in times of stress? I’ve had a really stressful week, and many things just didn’t go my way. Today, I sat back and gazed out the window, looking at the sun streaming in, only then did I pause to think about nature, to remember that all things around me are magical and special, and all people and living things are special too. At that moment, that realisation, I felt all the week’s stress just flow out of me, and I felt so relaxed. Suddenly none of the week’s stress mattered anymore, it was minimal in the grand scheme of things, and I felt so much better.

Has anyone else felt like this?

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
8:03 am
newbie :)
hai everyone! quick intro ... 'cause you can get to know me more on my el-jay or my official blog.

i'm lis, more known as "mittsie", 27 & i live an hour south of Toronto. i'm a shakta witch (ie, i blend the Hindu denomination of Shaktism along with Paganism) & i am drawn to everything goddess-y. even if they aren't from the Hindu pantheon!

i'm back on el-jay after a few years hiatus - but i don't remember my former username. i may remember if my brain decides to fully function for more than a few minutes! *gigglesnort* i just want to make all kinds of pagan lj friends & gain some snail mail penpals too!

so yeah - add me!
Saturday, August 16th, 2008
4:20 pm
Full Moon Ritual
Here is a ritual I found in a handy little Moon Magic book I have, thought you might like it:

Full Moon Ritual

You will need a large bowl, preferably made of silver, and a jasmine joss-stick or incense. If you cannot perform this ritual outside or indoors where the light of the Moon pours in, use either three candles or one large, thick, silver candle as a substitute for the moonlight.

Burn incense. Look at the reflection of the Moon in the water. Say:

Lady of Dreams, be my inspiration;
Gypsy of the Skies, be my guide;
Queen of the Night, be my protector.

Drink a little of the water. Immerse your hands in it, then anoint your face, eyes, lips, breast belly, feet and any part of you that needs healing. If you wish to become pregnant trace a spiral of the water around your navel.

Pour any unused water onto the ground.

What are you planning on doing this Full Moon?

Current Mood: peaceful
Friday, August 15th, 2008
5:33 pm
Significance of Magpies?
Is there any magical significance of Magpies? They seem to be following me a lot lately, usually when I'm feeling good inside. I know they're related to the Crow family, and think Crows are linked with death and guiding spirits between the two worlds (unless I paid too much attention to the movie "The Crow" ). Is there anything anyone can tell me about them? Are they an Omen? Do they mean something good or bad?


I've hidden the beautiful pic in the LJ-Cut here, as I've had a number of complaints of the image being too large and people can't see their friends pages, so I hope this helps!

Current Mood: curious
9:26 pm
Hi!! :D  This is a really good idea!

I've been a Pagan for eight years. I'm a polytheist, and my faith is influenced by Neo-Wicca and Heathenry mostly. I'm starting to really... "jump-start" my faith, I guess. In aid of this a friend of mine from Gaia Online and I have created an Order for other polytheists to help ourselves with our study and so on. (There's a link in my userinfo if you're interested in more info.)

Hmm, what else... I live in New Zealand. I love history and literature.

I'm a witch and I read the tarot, which I rather enjoy now I've got the hang of it. I'm learning the Runes, which are far more in-depth than I'd imagined. I practice shamanic journeying ("walking the hedge") but I'm certainly no shaman. I'd like to learn galdr. I'm interested in recon religions :)
Sunday, July 27th, 2008
4:24 pm
What are you studying/learning right now?
What are you studying/learning right now?  

I notice some people are a little at a loss as to where they are spiritually at the moment, either they've taken a break, or lost their inspiration, or just not feeling very magical at the moment.  So if anyone is feeling particularly inspired by anything, maybe your trying meditation, crystal gazing, tea leaf reading, spell casting, or anything for the first time, and are really excited/intrigued by what you're doing right now, perhaps you'd like to share?  Maybe your researching a God or Goddess you feel drawn to?  Maybe you're just feeling wonderfully magical and want to share that spark with us!  Is there any daily practice you've picked up that works really well for you, do you chat to the moon, talk to your plants in the morning?  What are you up to right now?

Current Mood: curious
Monday, July 7th, 2008
12:58 pm
Greetings and Introduction!
 Hi MyInspirations!  Thanks for creating this community.  I'll introduce myself here as well:

I'm a Solitary eclectic Pagan, I'm 26 and I live in England.  I've been seriously looking into Paganism since about July last year, but still consider myself to be learning and just discovering my path.   I'm interested in Tarot, Meditation, Moon Goddesses, Pan and other Horned Gods, Candle and Moon Magic also!

Looking forward to making new Pagan friends!


Sams Girl :)

Current Mood: optimistic
Sunday, July 6th, 2008
2:58 am
My intro.
Hello! My name is Kare, I'm 25, and I live in Illinois. 

I have been interested in Wicca for years but have just recently started to seriously persue it. I am in the process of reading everything I can get my hands on and taking notes, finding my path. 

Some of my interests include: Pagan histroy, Wiccan history, Runes & Runecasting, Egyptian magic, Egyptian Wicca, Egyptian mythology, Candle magic, Moon magic, Celtic history and mythology, etc.

You are welcome to send me a comment and add me, I'd love to hear from fellow Wiccans/Pagans.

Welcome to the community! :)

Current Mood: sleepy
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